Monday, August 1, 2016

August Month Challenge 2016

     What the heck? I can't upload photos anymore, so I had to use my old photobucket account. Good grief!

     I found this neat challenge for August on Instagram and decided to give it a try.
     So here is Day 1: Hello



Saturday, July 23, 2016

Topic: Polite and Respect (Read what happened!)

     Welcome back, and if you are new here, welcome. Hope you enjoy.

     Before I get to the topic, I want to let you know that I was planning on posting every Wednesdays, but now I decided at least once (maybe 2?) a week. We'll see how that goes. I also updated my website...again! LOL! I wasn't happy with the images before, and I couldn't find the one I had before that, but I did find some better ones. Go figure!

     Okay, on to the topic! Nowadays, there are many people out in the world that don't hold back anymore when they are ticked off. Yes, it's bad. Really really bad! They have to "express their own opinions" because "it's a free country," but there are always an invisible line where it has to be stopped. By that, I mean it is okay to not agree with the other person but you must respect each other. These days, a lot of people are like cats and dogs! Animals, I tell you! Getting into fist fights, hitting, bullying, not stopping until they get the last word.... Stupid! How do I handle rude people?

     The key for handling and keeping the peace is being calm, patient, and understanding. Not to mention to be polite. I got amazed at the results when I tried it the other day, and it was accidental! I asked a Youtuber a video request and never have I imagined I would be confronted by someone who didn't agree with my opinion. That is fine, but there was no respect on her part. I had it in my mind to be understanding, respectful, and polite. Believe it or not, our parents, grandparents, ancestors were right! Doing this is the right way.

     I took screenshots of the situation to show you guys. The girl who was rude to me starts with the name "Hey." Mine is, of course, my first name, Hilda with the picture of a happy sun. (Click to enlarge).

SHE APOLOGIZED! ...WOW! It really works! I was being nice, respective, and polite to her even though I didn't agree with her, but I showed her respect. That is what my mom taught my siblings and I to be. 

And I strongly suggest it to everyone to try it. Besides, "It feels so good to do good." --Hilda. ;) 

"Whether you agree with the other person or not, you must respect each other." --My Mom. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

How's summer?

Hello there! How is everyone's summer? Mine is... the same just like any other day. I miss swimming in the pool, having barbecues, and the space we had back then. Since my family and I moved here, I sometimes bump into doors and the entryways of the bathroom-- OUCH! I'm not kidding, this house is tiny. It was built in the 60's, says my parents. Once I enter my room, I have to slightly close my door in order to pass through and get inside. 

Image (c) 2016

...I miss my old room. The house was spacious. But boy, my family and I hated those stairs to go upstairs! I talked to my doctor about it and he says it's normal to feel homesick. It will take time for me to get used to it. When my mom drove me to see him that day, I teared-up to be back in that city. My last visit was better, which was June 28th. After my quick visit to the doctor, my mom gave me a treat: to Subway. That made me so happy!! 

Why so bummed about my move? Where do I start? First, our tiny little 3 bedroom house is cramped.  Right across my room I can literally see my brother play on his computer. The hallway is roomy enough barely for two people to walk through...sideways. My parents sleep in the garage (converted into a small bedroom, or as my mom calls it, "the cave.") There is room for a inflatable pool, but not 
us because right behind the fence is a two story apartments, a creepy-peeping-drug-addict-tom, next door nosy neighbors, and surrounded by houses. Our house is hidden in the back of another house. It's a duplex, I guess it's called. So, I'm spending almost all day in my room surfing the Internet for socializing and entertainment. Welcome to my world...ugh! 

Okay, rant over. In other news, I had previously thought of publishing another book way better than "The Invisible Spy" but I began to write, or should I say, need to start writing a story I have in mind. It's funny, I know the ending, but I'm having trouble starting the story. Hey, I'm still learning! Besides that, I bought a book called,

I only read like the first few pages and so far it's great (except the bad words), but some of the pop culture referrences and narration is funny. I'll let you know how it is...eventually. I've become such a snail-slow reader since I don't read much. Yeah, I'm a weird writer, LOL! 

Lastly, I had a weird dream! I was in a senior and in a classroom, and my final day in school before graduation. I stood up in class with a heavy heart and blurted to the whole class that I was going to miss them. "I'm afraid of the future!" I added. I was going to miss everyone and enter a world of strangers. I knew I will never see any of them and my favorite teacher again. By the way, my teacher was that guy from "Saved by the Bell" LOL! What's his name? Mr. Belding! Anyways, I'm wondering what my subcounsious is trying to tell me. 

I think I know why I dreamed Mr. Belding! I saw his picture online on the news page of But what could the rest of the dream mean? I wonder...



So, what is up with you guys? Do share. :) 

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